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Oh Hey Cindy - Summer Wardrobe 2021

Summer Wardrobe Finds

To say the summer in Hong Kong is hot would be an understatement. It’s early May, and it feels like summer is officially here! Plenty of beach days and lies by the pool have been planned, and considering there probably won’t be any travel this summer, plenty of staycations. I recently updated my wardrobe with […]

May 2021 – Free Desktop Background

Hello May! I love the start of a new month. I like to go into the new month with a fresh perspective. New Month. New beginning. New mindset. New focus. New start. New intensions. New results…. New backgrounds. Download the May 2021 Free Desktop Wallpaper below! Download Oh Hey Cindy – May 2021 Pink – […]

Oh Hey Cindy - April 2021 Break

April 2021 break

The world is still very much in lockdown due to Covid and Hong Kong especially. Any travel outside of Hong Kong will earn you a three week quarantine period on your return. Any vacations are just not feasible at the moment. Still, it’s essential to make sure we take regular breaks, a time to rest, […]

Oh Hey Cindy - April 2021 Free Desktop Wallpaper

April 2021 – Free Desktop Wallpaper

Download April 2021 wallpaper for free in pink, violet or blue. Download your free April 2021 Free Wallpaper here: Oh Hey Cindy – April 2021 Free Download – Violet Oh Hey Cindy – April 2021 Free Download – Violet Calendar Oh Hey Cindy – April 2021 Free Download – Blue Oh Hey Cindy – April […]

Fishbone Cactus Illustration & process

I use procreate to create most of my illustrations, and it has a really handy tool of allowing you to export a video of your illustration process. It also gives you some pretty nifty stats about your art piece. This particular drawing took me 2 hours to create but I had so much fun creating […]

Don’t give up kid – Free Mobile Wallpaper 2021

Life is tough… but so are you. I don’t think I need to ask who else is feeling the effects of an extremely difficult and tumultuous year. I constantly need to remind myself… things are going to be ok. Were a quarter way through the year and I wanted to create a wallpaper to remind […]

Oh Hey Cindy - March 2021 Free Wallpaper

March 2021 Free Wallpaper

A fun, bright free wallpaper to download for March 2021!

Oh Hey Cindy - Thoughts from a beginner photographer

Thoughts from a beginner photographer

First things first, calling myself a “photographer” is a stretch and an over exaggeration of my current capabilities, but ultimately this is my goal. Photography has always been something I have wanted to explore more fully, but to be honest, it doesn’t come naturally to me. Photography is hard. The past few years, I haven’t […]

Oh Hey Cindy - March

Hello March

March 2021. I found this poem that so perfectly encapsulates my feelings towards March. How lucky we are to enjoy this new month of March and the possibilities it holds.

Oh Hey Cindy - Virgin Ice Tea Recipe

Virgin Rooibos Ice Tea Cocktail

The holiday season is over, and if you’re anything like me, you probably had a few too many glasses of wine. Going into the new year, I want to drink less alcohol and so I have been experimenting with some delicious virgin cocktails. If you are from South Africa, you will be familiar with Rooibos […]

February 2021 – Free Wallpaper

Hello February! 2021 you have been an absolute blur. It has taken me a bit longer than anticipated to bring out the free Feb 2021 wallpaper, but finally its here. I’ve included a calendar option for each color combination. This months wallpaper is inspired by one of my favourite poems by David Jones. Asleep or […]

Spring Color Palettes

Feels like spring is in the air here in Hong Kong – the days are warming up, the sun is setting later and flowers have started blooming. Here is a list of my favourite colours for Spring so far.

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