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Monthly Life Planning

I never quite appreciated free time before I became a mom. Now that I am a mom and my free time is seriously limited, I find it super important to reflect on the month before and plan my month ahead. I find I definitely need to carve out time to develop and nurture all aspects of my life.

At the beginning of the month, I like to start with my planner wheel, where I sit down, and think honestly about how I feel I am doing in the major categories of my life, what kind of habits or routines which is serving me well and which I need to let go of. Its a cathartic exercise, and it helps reset my focus for the month ahead.

I also make sure I set some goals for myself, small and achievable that can be done within the month ahead and plot out activities on my calendar. This helps me assess if one aspect of my life is becoming lopsided or if I need to add more balance to different areas.

I usually just jot these down in my notebook, but I’m finding every month I’m recreating my monthly template. I recently spent some time converting my template into something I can print, making my life a little bit easier! Let me know what activities you do every month and what your thoughts are on my life planner.

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