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Summer Staycation 2020

Disclaimer: at the time of writing/experiencing this, Hong Kong had lifted the social distancing rules and residents were being encouraged to explore the city. Restrictions have since been added back, as local cases have spiked which means exploring even locally is a bad idea.

As local restrictions had lifted, there were some amazing staycation deals. Jared and I decided to take advantage of this and we booked ourselves a night into the Four Seasons hotel. Thursday morning we packed our overnight bag and headed to the Four Seasons hotel. Immediately, we made ourselves at home in the spacious and comfortable room before heading down for a traditional Chinese lunch at Lung King Heen.

It was our first time eating at a Micheline Star restaurant together in Hong Kong and it was special to have this memory between Jared and I. As one can imagine, the food was amazing. We weren’t not going to come to a Chinese restaurant with 3 Michelin stars and not have copious amounts of dim sum! The restaurant even tailored our dim sum portions so we could share everything together.

We treated ourselves to a glass of Trimbach Riesling – apparently, this wine is only sold in Michelin star restaurants to we didn’t want to give it a miss but we did feel super fancy. A once in a few years kind of experience 🙂

After our huge lunch, we had booked a massage and relaxed in the spa facilities. Feeling extremely relaxed, we spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool, Jared soaking up the sun, and me enjoying the shade of the pool brollies. It was nice breaking the Hong Kong heat with a dip in the pool.

The next day we spent the last few hours enjoying a glass of wine by the pool. We had late checkout so we could spend most of the day relaxing and having a swim. We were happy to head home at this point. It was the first time we left Kevin with a sitter and we were keen to get back to make sure all was ok… it was 🙂

The next day, we wanted spend the last day of our stay-cation doing something around the islands in Hong Kong. We booked a two way trip on the Aqualuna here in Hong Kong which took us across to Stanley. Stanley is a little seaside village which is relaxed and laid back. When we arrived from the boat, we took some time wondering through the quaint streets and market. The promenade was lined with little eateries and bars and had an amazing view over the water.

Jared and I stopped for lunch at one of the restaurants in the Murray House, 160-year-old building and landmark in Hong Kong. We finished up our lunch just in time to jump back on the boat to central Hong Kong.

What a wonderful end to our staycation, and we felt super refreshed and ready for the week by the end of it. Have you tried any staycation ideas in your city?

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