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Morning Coffee Routine – a video

Oh Hey Cindy - Morning Coffee Routine

Find joy in the little things in life – simple, mundane and every day. Savour those quiet moments in the morning before the world wakes up. Jared and I have been practising being more present and focused on the now, savouring the things we enjoy instead of rushing through – we so easily get into the habit of rushing.

One of the things I try to savour is my morning coffee. Not only enjoying my coffee in bed, but also waking up with sleepy eyes, making a freshly brewed cup of coffee, enjoying the smell that fills the kitchen. Nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Take a glimpse into my kitchen in the morning, while I savour and enjoy making a good cup of coffee.

Do you have an element in your everyday routine that you love but end up rushing through because you have somewhere to be, a meeting to attend, someone is waiting on you? There is much pleasure to be had in slowing down with the things that are important, even if it means you are 2 minutes late to a meeting.

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