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March Moodboard

March mood board

In the effort to be more planned and considered as I enter each new month, I have started to create a monthly mood board, starting with this new month of March. I really wanted to think about the colours that will be permeating my illustrations and art in March. The images and colours of my mood board make me feel like summer is on its way and invokes excitement about the new month ahead.

In the month of March, I want to focus on the lighter side of life. The weather is warming here in Hong Kong, this means more days to the beach, spending more time outdoors, getting that healthy glow and shedding that pale winter skin (although almost impossible for me :)). I want March to be a month of more experimentation with fashion, unashamedly wearing the shades that I love so much, pink, and not afraid to look too feminine. Enjoying springtime fruits and finding sweet little spots in the city that inspire me. Creating art and not worrying about how many likes it gets on Instagram. More carefree.

A final note: a mood board to me is about the feeling the images invoke that moves me to make changes in my life and align my thoughts and actions on a specific track.

This mood board series is probably going to be a bit haphazard in the start, but in the spirit of march, I am not going to worry too much how this turns out and see where it takes me.

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