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Hello March

Oh Hey Cindy - March

March 2021. I found this poem that so perfectly encapsulates my feelings towards March.


Spring awakens and breathes fresh air – soft smiles
accompany warm cups of coffee and tea – dew glistens
on budding foliage – oversized clothes and blankets
ripple in the wind – flowers gently break from buds
and begin to bloom – discovering new places
and creating memories on spontaneous road trips

op. x – pl

How lucky we are to enjoy this new month of March and the possibilities it holds. 2021 has already felt like just one long extension of the previous year. Deadlines increased, and work-life balance became harder, and the goalposts shifted towards a tougher mark. The first two months of January have flown by and I forgot to enjoy the little things.

This poem puts into perspective all the beautiful things that are happening around me. I am determined to make more time to notice these small joys and comforts. What is your goal for March?

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