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April 2021 break

Oh Hey Cindy - April 2021 Break

The world is still very much in lockdown due to Covid and Hong Kong especially. Any travel outside of Hong Kong will earn you a three week quarantine period on your return. Any vacations are just not feasible at the moment. Still, it’s essential to make sure we take regular breaks, a time to rest, a time away from the office.

Jared and I took advantage of the many public holidays to take a bit of a break. It was a good opportunity to spend some downtime at home and do some local things around Hong Kong.

A trip to the flower market is always a good idea, we spent the afternoon picking out flowers and plants for our balcony. With spring fully in the air, the weather in Hong Kong is beautiful, we want to make sure we’re spending as much time outdoors and that includes our balcony! Topping off our balcony experience, we finally invested in a lotus grill – a small smokeless bbq so it was wonderful to spend a warm afternoon on the balcony having a bbq.

Oh Hey Cindy - April 2021 Break

One of the best parts of taking a break at home is brunch. There are so many brunch options in Hong Kong, and even having brunch at home is so fun! Dim Sum brunch is my absolute favourite. We met some friends for brunch at Madam Fu, a beautiful contemporary Chinese restaurant located in an 1880’s colonial building in the Tai Kwun heritage compound. Another highlight of our break was a trip to Disneyland. The last time we visited was over 2 years ago. Even though most people are practising social distancing, Disneyland was extremely busy but fun nonetheless.

Oh Hey Cindy - April 2021 Break

What are some of your favorite things to do in and around your city?

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