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Oh Hello Week – Free Printable Planner

Oh Hello Week - Free Download - Oh Hey Cindy

I have been trying to make a habit of being more purposeful with my weeks and setting aside 30 mins to plan for the week to ensure I introduce a balance between work, creativity, and personal time. I find it easier to tackle it in weekly chunks and re-access my plan at the end of each day.

I generally use this layout in my notebook, and I find it helps me stay on track and re-access the most important things I should focus on for the day and week. When I don’t do this, the days tend to go by so quickly and by the end of the week, I feel like I have accomplished nothing.

I hope this weekly planner helps you do the same – print it out each week or draw it up in your own bullet notebook. Let me know your planning tips for the week in the comments below.

Download my Oh Hello Week planner here

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