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What’s for dinner – free printable

Oh Hey Cindy - Whats for dinner - Free Printable

My weeks at work are pretty stressful so I am always looking for ways to simplify my week and reduce any unnecessary strain. One thing that I have found extremely helpful is planning out the meals for the week. Jared and I like to do a big food shop on Sunday for what we need for the week, so planning out our meals and what ingredients we need means we are not aimlessly walking down the aisles grabbing items we think we need.

To help with the process of planning meals, I created a printable weekly meal planner for Fox and Moon. Since Jared and I both like to cook, I added in a column “who cooks”, this helps us share the load too. We love the “What to buy column”, we spend a bit of time looking through what we have in the cupboard that we can use and stick to only buying what is really necessary.

I hope you enjoy using this free weekly meal planner as much as we do. Any way to make your life easier is a plus in my books.

You can download the planner from here:

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