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Weekend Update

Welcome to the weekend. Last weekend was a typical weekend for us. Friday night was the time to spend with friends, and this Friday, in particular, we had a farewell for one of our friends here in Hong Kong who is moving back to Sydney. Just a small gathering at Bedu – a middle eastern restaurant that serves up the best vegetarian meals.

Saturdays Jared has class all day, so I like to use this time to create or do something with my hands. I had all the ingredients I needed to make some soy candles, so I spent the Saturday afternoon, melting and making candles.

Sundays Jared and I make sure we spend together. This weekend we took a walk around the beautiful neighborhood, Poho. A really trendy part of town with lots of small local craft shops, designer stores, art galleries etc.

Hong Kong Observatory issued a T3 thyphoon signal this weekend, which meant some rain here and there. While exploring the shops, we ducked into a small coffee shot to take shelter from the rain. A Swedish Kaffe that brought back memories of our time in Sweden.

Oh Hey Cindy - Swedish Kaffe in Hong Kong

Sundays are spent planning for the week ahead. Jared and I like to plan out our meals for the week and try to get as many of the ingredients, to make our lives a bit easier during the week. We aim to eat more fish and chicken rather than red meat, and to have at least 2 vegetarian meals.

Oh Hey Cindy - Weekly Meal Prep & Shop

In Hong Kong, its rare to find a single shop that sells everything you need, so often we have to visit multiple shops, deli’s, supermakets and farmers markets to get what we need. We get our meat from a local deli, that specialises in free range produce. For fresh fruit and veggies we go to the local outdoor market. Here is our mid week food plan:

  1. Monday: Grilled Barramundi, homemade chips and broccoli
  2. Tuesday: Chicken skewers, garlic, coriander and lemon rice with grilled asparagus
  3. Wednesday: Mushroom Ravioli
  4. Thursday: Aubergine & tomato rogan josh
  5. Friday: Teriyaki Chicken Bowls – enjoy the recipe here.

What did you get up to on the weekend?

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