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Easy Almond Milk Recipe

I was first introduced to Almond milk a few years back as an alternative to dairy when I was looking to cut back on my dairy consumption. For years I drank the store bought almond milk but found I had to regularly check the back for the ingredients – not to mention, the milk usually came in a 1l container and had to be consumed in a few days. I could never finish that much almond milk so often I would need to toss the milk because it went bad.

A couple of months ago, I plucked up the courage to try making my own. It’s so easy and tasted way better than the store-bought milk. I haven’t looked back ever since and now make almond milk for my coffee and smoothies. I also like that I am able to control the portion size to make sure nothing goes to waste.

I wanted to share my own version of DIY almond milk that you can try.

Soak your raw almonds
Blend and squeeze
Gather your equipment
Optional: kitty to supervise the process.


  1. Raw Almonds
  2. Water
  3. Vanilla Essence (Optional)
  4. Honey (Optional)


  1. Blender – A stick blender will also suffice
  2. Colander / Strainer
  3. Cheesecloth – if you don’t have cheesecloth handy, Tshirt material will do.
  4. Jar with a lid


Step 1

Grab a handful of almonds or a cup, depending on how much milk you would like to make and place the almonds in a jar. Cover the almonds in water, close the lid and pop in the fridge overnight.

Step 2

Once your almonds have soaked overnight, pour your almonds into a colander or strainer and give them a good rinse.

Step 3

Pop your soaked almonds in the blender with some water – start with enough water to cover the almonds at least and add more if needed. Blend until the almonds have become fine and you have a good amount of liquid.

Step 4

Pour the liquid into your cheesecloth over a jar and begin squeezing out the liquid through your cheesecloth. You should be left with the dry almond husk in your cheesecloth.

Step 5

Transfer to a milk jug to store in your fridge.

Step 6 (Optional)

Depending on what you will be using your almond milk for, you may want to add some sweetness. Add in a drop or two of vanilla essence to give it more flavour. You can also add a sweater to your milk if you prefer sweeter milk – my go-to is honey.

You’re all done. You can generally keep the fresh almond milk in your fridge for 3 days.

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