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Why do people annoy me – an illustration

Oh Hey Cindy - Illustration - Why do people annoy me

Sometimes I get really cynical and crabby, and everyone irritates me, even those poor souls who unintentionally get in my way when I’m feeling not so forgiving or patient. Generally this feeling doesnt last long, but often in the moment of annoyance, I ask myself the question… why do people annoy me… I should write a book about why people annoy me… and then people will know how not to annoy me… and then I laugh at the thought of having a book explaining why people annoy me…. shew that was a mouthful.

Anyway I am sure most people can relate and have their own version of this book, penned by the own personal experiences and brush ups with people in annoying situations.

The best way to deal with those annoying situations, is to take stock, put things into perspective and just have a good laugh. I hope this illustration helps you to have a laugh at the nuisances in your life.

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