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Round-up of my favourite mugs

Oh Hey Cindy - Roundup of my favorite mugs

Finally, the season of hot drinks is upon us! My collection of mugs at home has taken a drastic hit, thanks to a little kitty named Kevin who’s favourite pastime is knocking mugs off counters. I am on the hunt for some cute new mugs to brighten up the apartment. I rounded up some of my favourite mugs online.

  1. Urban Outfitters – Alanis Flower Mug
  2. S.T. Cao Cermaics – White Wildflower Tumbler
  3. Mociun – Shapes Mug
  4. O-M Ceramics – Dream of Desert Mug
  5. Yonobi – Tea Mug – ORANGES

Which ones are your favourite?

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