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Polka dot plant illustration & free desktop background

Polka Dot Plant Illustration

Ah yes, the Polka Dot plant, one of my favourite foliage. I find it such a cheerful plant, and the colours are very much on-trend, naturally 😉 My plant obsession has spilt over into my creative life and I really wanted to illustrate this cute little guy.

Hope you enjoy looking at this cheerful chap – I have created some free desktop backgrounds you can download too.

On a serious note, caring for a polka dot plant is dead easy. Do these things and you will have a thriving cheerful indoor plant.

  • Keep me in a bright or medium-light spot
  • Keep my soil moist (but not soggy)
  • Prune me ever so often to keep me bushy
  • Fertilise me twice a year

Check out the free desktop backgrounds below.

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