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Orange Bag Illustration Video

Orange Bag Illustration Video

I wanted to show you a quick video of how I make my drawings – I quickly drew up this orange bag in my procreate app and recorded it – mistakes included 🙂 Hope you enjoy this Orange Bag Illustration Video of my illustration.

Honestly though, sometimes I will take hours and even days to put together an illustration and some others come a bit easier. I often have to force myself to finish what I started when a piece of artwork is taking longer than I would like. I am learning to be less critical of my work and embrace the not so perfect, not Instagram worthy artworks.

Sometimes we can get caught up on perfection, but 2020 is going to be my year for imperfection and I’m learning to love it – with this Orange Bag Illustration Video included! Feel free to browse my other illustrations and art here.

P.S if you haven’t heard of the amazing Procreate app – check it out here:

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