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Ooh La La Painting – take 1

Oh Hey Cindy - Ooh la la painting

I’ve really been getting into painting again and experimenting with various kinds of paints; oil, acrylic etc. I’ve mostly been painting botanical themes, but this weekend I wanted to try something different.

This was my first attempt at a typographic painting using acrylic paints. It didn’t turn out looking the best but I’m happy I stuck through it until the end. It gave me good practice and I think I’m going to give the concept another go. Generally, it’s good to try something even if its imperfect, than to not try at all and the saying is true for this little painting.

I firstly drew the concept out on procreate, and played with some of the colors and style of font. This helped me when I was drawing it out onto my canvas. I had a better idea where to place the letters etc. I would recommend this for anyone new to painting.

I wanted to share my imperfect take one at this typographic painting and hoping to share more versions of this once I have gotten better at it.

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