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Life update – big little changes

Oh Hey Cindy - Life Update - Little Big Changes

Eight months ago, we found out our life will be changing drastically with a little bao bun. When we found out we were so incredibly happy but didn’t realise what was in store for us over the past few months. Being pregnant is no joke, and I truly didn’t appreciate how much you give of yourself in this process towards motherhood. The emotions, the changes to your body, the stress and anxiety. I have a newfound respect for pregnant women.

The first 12 weeks when you find out you are pregnant is super stressful, especially when you run into complications as I did at the beginning of my pregnancy. Hitting that 12-week mark was a massive milestone and it becomes all you can think about. Fast forward a few months, and we are now in the final stretch. What a blur of time getting to this point, in what has felt like the longest and shortest 8 months all in one.

We did a little gender reveal with family over zoom which was so lovely and special. Being pregnant in covid times and living away from family, means we try to find ways to include family in this special time. We were so excited to find out we are having a little baby boy. Jared and I were sure we would have a boy, so the news was not a shock, but definitely makes it all the more real when you know the gender.

Our little bun is due next month, and a lot of energy and time is going towards prepping for him to come. I have a feeling I may become MIA over the next few weeks. We plan to take things slow and one step at a time.

This beautiful maternity shoot was captured by an amazing photographer, Karling,

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