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June 2021 – Free Wallpaper

Oh Hey Cindy - June 2021 Free Desktop Wallpaper

June 2021 – officially half way through 2021! Who would have thought at the end of last year that 2021 would be much of the same as 2020. These past few months has seemed to emphasis the mundanity of life. I always find this quote encouraging, and something I try implement in my every day life.

You’ve gotta start romanticizing your life. You gotta start believing that your morning commute is cute and fun, that every cup of coffee is the best you’ve ever had, that even the smallest and most mundane things are exciting and new. You have to because that’s when you start truly living. That’s when you look forward to every day.


So this months wallpaper is an ode to that, sometimes life is mundane, bit always beautiful. Download the free June 2021 wallpaper below.

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